Women's body waxing

Hair Removal Treatment, Waxing, Epilation
We only use the best products to take care of our clients.
We always try to provide our clients with the best price for a
still very high quality service.
We now have two kinds of high quality wax products at La Nature.
We use the whole 'Clean & Easy' product line from America,
a gentle superb wax for all types of hair growth for face and body
   a French, soft, strip-less hot wax for Brazillian/Hollywood waxing.
  All clients have always been very satified with our waxing service,
as we provide very clean and effective service.
Our wax is always new, meaning NEVER re-used.
Also do we have a policy of "NO DOUBLE DIPPING"
    Even though some people do not know, many beauty salons re-use
   the wax that was used for other customers on you. We do not want to do this, as we consider  La Nature being a clean and safe place.
Even though the places that do double dipping or re-use the wax
(without you even knowing it) might be cheaper than La Nature
we believe our customers better be safe than sorry !
Treatment List Price:
Half Legs   
฿400 - ฿600
Full Legs   ฿700 - ฿900
฿400 - ฿600
Under Arms
฿600 -฿900
฿400 -฿600
฿500 -฿700  
Eyebrow basics
Upper lip
Open daily from 10:00 -20:00
We are closed on Sundays